Eight Wonder of The World

Eight wonder of the world

Ancient City of Sigiriya is one of the eight UNESCO World Heritage sites in Sri Lanka.

The 5th century Rock fortress of Sigiriya which as built by King “Kashyapa” is the 8th wonder of the world and a UNESCO world heritage site. The Rock itself has its unique identity due to its shape. The irrigational technologies of water gardens & archeological technologies of the large lion carved at the entrance are precious as they are still existing. Sigiriya derives its name from “sinha-giri” means 'Lion Rock', due to the lion paws at the entrance.

Well-designed ramparts and moats built around the rock reminds the strong protection given to the Fortress. The colorful frescoes with unique paintings of women and Mirror wall demonstrate the beauty and majesty of Sigiriya. Flat-topped summit has gardens and ruins of excellent ancient architectures in addition to the splendid view. Sigiriya is one of the best-preserved examples of ancient urban planning.